R v Rahman [2020] NZDC 12838

Published 03 December 2021

Sentencing — importing methamphetamine — Operation Nova — Zhang v [2019] NZCA 507. The defendant appeared for sentence on four charges of importing methamphetamine. The offending had been carried out by an organised group, who brought the drugs into New Zealand hidden inside catering appliances sent from the United States. The defendant had twice travelled to Mexico to source the drugs, and had helped to plan the importations into New Zealand. The Court observed that the offending was sophisticated and the defendant had played a leading role. Given the dangers posed by methamphetamine to the community and the level of premeditation, the Court found that the offending fell within band 5 of R v Zhang and set a start point for sentence of 25 years' imprisonment. The Court allowed discounts for guilty plea, being a foreign national with English as a second language, health difficulties, age and remorse, for a final sentence of 16 years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 6 July 2020.