New Zealand Police v Scott [2020] NZDC 6514

Published 10 June 2020

Sentencing — breach of community work — wilful damage — breach of the Health Act — failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions — global pandemic — educational warnings — Health Act 1956. The defendant had breached the Health Act by failing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions designed to stop the spread of coronavirus in New Zealand as a result of the global pandemic. He had also wilfully damaged a toilet at a police station. The defendant had breached COVID-19 regulations multiple times despite being given multiple educational warnings by police. He was arrested for a breach on 11 April and damaged a toilet at the police station as he was angry because he did not believe in the restrictions. For the breach of the Health Act the defendant was sentenced to four months' imprisonment. A cumulative sentence of two weeks was given for the charge of wilful damage for a final sentence of six weeks' imprisonment and reparations of $300 to the police. Judgment Date: 20 April 2020.