Glenn v Turei [2020] NZFC 2340

Published 22 June 2020

Interim care arrangements — COVID-19 — Alert Level 4 — lockdown — global pandemic — coronavirus — communication — welfare and best interests of children — Care of Children Act 2004, s 5. The father of the parties' three children had an application before the Court to move the children into his day-to-day care. However, COVID-19 and the Level 4 lockdown response implemented by the Government meant that an in-person hearing could not be conducted to resolve the issue. Instead, the parents, their lawyers and lawyer for child appeared by phone and the issue was confined to the care arrangements for the children over the Level 4 lockdown period. The parties were able to come to an agreement that the children would spend two weeks in the care of their mother and then two weeks with their father. Any extension of the lockdown would mean the children spend a week about with each parent. The Judge commented that both parents were capable and had good people in their lives and encouraged them to communicate with each for the sake of their children instead of resorting to lawyers. Judgment Date: 30 March 2020. * * * Note: names have been changed to comply with legal requirements. * * *