Important note to news media before reporting Youth Court decisions

News media wishing to publish or report from Youth Court decisions published on this website are advised that under s 438(1) of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989, will need the leave of the court which heard the proceedings to do so.1

Application for leave can be made to the presiding judge via the registrar at the court where the case was dealt with, or through the Strategic Communications Adviser to the Chief District Court Judge: or Annie May, Senior Advisor:

1  Note that this requirement does not apply to bonafide professional or technical publications that meet the definition in s 438(2).

Further information about covering Youth Court is found in the Media Reporting Protocol for the Youth Court:2

Further information about the judgments on this website:

2 The guide does not cover every situation and does not constitute legal advice. News media are advised to seek independent legal advice whenever in doubt.