Padmajan v Liu [2019] NZDC 7867

Published 06 September 2019

Appeal Tenancy Tribunal — rent arrears — lodging bond. The appellant appealed a decision by the Tenancy Tribunal for failing to properly account for payments made on rent arrears owed on a fixed term lease. The Tribunal's order came to a total of $4,522.86. The Judge granted leave at an appeal conference for the appellant to file further evidence showing she had made an additional $380 payment that had not been acknowledged. Further, the appellant's $1,000 bond was not recorded as part of rent and the Adjudicator had not allowed $78.86 for the final day of the tenancy. The Judge did not allow cancellation of a fine imposed against the respondent for not lodging the bond with the Bond Centre, as there had been no formal appeal made. The tribunal's decision was amended by recording rent arrears as $3,100.00. Judgment Date: 1 May 2019.