R v Paunovic [2019] NZDC 18478

Published 16 June 2020

Sentencing — importing Class B controlled drug — GBL — R v Wallace [1999] 3 NZLR 159 — R v Adams [2008] NZCA 171 — R v Palmer [2007] NZCA 167 — R v Reece [2007] NZCA 360. The defendant appeared for sentence on two charges of importing the Class B controlled drug, GBL. On two separate occasions he had imported a total of 150 litres of GBL with a street value of approximately $450,000. These factors placed the offending in category 2 of the guiding tariff judgment, R v Wallace. The Court commented that the offending was relatively unsophisticated and the defendant had no personal drug problems so the offending was not motivated by addiction issues. The Court set a start point of six years' imprisonment, and applied discounts for personal circumstances and guilty plea. The final sentence was four years' six months imprisonment. Judgment Date: 16 September 2019.