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2020 Annual Report

District Court of New Zealand | Te Kōti ā Rohe

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The importance of carrying on

Tēnā koutou katoa.

Tēnā tātou i ō tātou tini aituā, i ō tātou tini mate, huri noa i ō tātou marae maha, i ō tātou kārangarangatanga maha huri noa i te motu. Waiho iho rātou te hunga wairua kua whetūrangitia, waiho iho rātou ki a rātou. Ko tātou ngā kanohi ora, tēnā hoki tātou katoa.

Like many New Zealanders, District Court judges must find ways to continue the core roles and tasks we perform during the disruption caused by unexpected events.

For the District Court, one of those tasks is accounting to the communities we serve through compilation and publication of an annual report. It is part of our commitment to open and transparent justice.

The 2019/2020 report reflects the extra challenges and constraints the court has worked under because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects that as Chief Judge I place considerable store in continuing to provide the public with reliable and easily accessible information about the court’s work and judicially led projects, notwithstanding the challenges that may have confronted the court during this past year.

This is important for maintaining public confidence in the administration of justice and the rule of law, and is especially so during worrying and uncertain times.

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Ngā mihi

Judge Heemi Taumaunu
Chief District Court Judge