8 January 2020

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Judge Heemi Taumaunu


8 January 2020

Statement for immediate release

District Court Judge Rob Ronayne

The District Court is mourning the loss of Judge Rob Ronayne who died suddenly at his Auckland home on Tuesday, 7 January.

The Chief District Court Judge, Judge Heemi Taumaunu, said Judge Ronayne (64) had given outstanding and excellent service to the law and to the New Zealand public for over 40 years whilst practising as a barrister and solicitor and then in more recent times as a District Court Judge.

“Judge Ronayne was a senior trial judge at the Auckland District Court which had been his home court since his appointment to the bench seven years ago,” Chief Judge Taumaunu said.

Judge Ronayne joined the bench after 34 years’ legal practice, primarily as a litigator. He studied law at the University of Canterbury and was admitted to the bar in 1978. He practised briefly in Auckland and then for nearly 20 years in Rotorua. In 1998, he joined a law firm as a partner in Tauranga, and went on to become a senior Crown prosecutor in that district until his appointment in 2013.
“Judge Ronayne was held in extremely high regard and his judicial colleagues will remember fondly his flair, wit and tireless dedication to serving the administration of justice. My sincere condolences and those of Judge Ronayne’s judicial colleagues are extended to his family and friends at this difficult time.”

To honour Judge Ronayne’s memory, the Chief Judge this morning met with judges and staff of the Auckland District Court and led karakia in Judge Ronayne’s chambers and elsewhere in the building.

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