Statistics New Zealand v Beale [2019] NZDC 12951

Published 13 September 2021

Sentencing — refusing to fill in individual census form — refusing to fill in dwelling census form — Statistics Act 1975, ss 31, 41(1) & 124(5) — Criminal Procedure Act 1961, ss 118 & 119. The defendant was up for sentence on charges of refusing to fill in the individual census form and refusing to fill in the dwelling census form, offences against ss 31 and 41(1) of the Statistics Act 1975. She made no appearance in Court and had previously told a census field officer that she would not fill in the forms because she didn't want to. As the offences were strict liability, the Court found the charges proved. The Court imposed a penalty of a $400 fine plus court costs of $130. Judgment Date: 2 July 2019.