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Re Caldwell [2021] NZFC 8755

Published 19 September 2022

Adoption — surrogacy — fit and proper persons — Adoption Act 1955, s 10 — Status of Children Act 1969. This hearing was to determine an adoption application. The child was the biological child of the applicants, having been born by way of a surrogacy arrangement. The child's older sibling had been born the same way from the same surrogate. The Judge considered the applicants' situation as well as the social worker's report which was in support of the applicants, and determined that the applicants were fit and proper persons to care for the child. The Judge also considered that special circumstances existed to make a final adoption order in favour of the applicants. The Judge made a final adoption order and directed that the social worker's report be released to the applicants. Judgment Date: 1 September 2021. * * * Note: names have been changed to comply with legal requirements. * * *