R v Wratt [2019] NZDC 22470

Published 05 August 2020

Sentencing — importing methamphetamine — drugs — offending on bail — Zhang v R [2019] NZCA 507. The defendant appeared for sentence on a representative charge of importing methamphetamine into New Zealand. He had been caught while importing 236 grams of the drug; while on bail for this offending, he imported another 452 grams. The defendant ran his own operation, sourcing the drug from the dark web. It was unclear how pure the imported methamphetamine was, as it was destroyed before it could be tested. The start point for sentence, based on the new tariffs from Zhang v R, was nine years' imprisonment. The Court added a six-month uplift for offending on bail, and then applied discounts for guilty plea and addiction issues. The final sentence was six years nine months' imprisonment, and the Court declined to set a minimum non-parole period. Judgment Date: 11 November 2019.