R v Waara [2019] NZDC 12642

Published 02 December 2019

Sentencing — cultivation of cannabis — possession of cannabis for supply — cannabis-growing operation — R v Wilson CA273/04, 13/12/2004 — Manuel v R [2019] NZHC 153 — R v Terewi [1993] 3 NZLR 62. The defendant appeared for sentence on charges of cultivating cannabis and possession of cannabis for supply. He had run a cannabis-growing operation in which the police discovered 760 live cannabis plants, with another 157 plants recently harvested. The Court characterised the growing operation as sophisticated, and noted that the estimated yield of the crop was more than $950,000. Further, a police examination showed that the growing operation had been going for about three years already. The Court set a start point of four years six months' imprisonment, and added a six-month uplift for similar previous offending. With a discount for guilty plea, the total sentence was three years nine months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 28 June 2019.