R v Greenhorn [2019] NZDC 25677

Published 10 September 2020

Sentencing — burglary — theft of a motor vehicle — arson — supplying methamphetamine — Zhang v R [2019] NZCA 507. The defendant appeared for sentencing on charges of burglary, theft of a motor vehicle, arson and supplying methamphetamine. He and two others had burgled the premises of a freight company, stealing a truck, five jetskis, eight computers and a pallet of vape juice. He and one of the others later set fire to the truck, destroying it. When investigating the offending, the police discovered that the defendant had also sold 30.76 grams of methamphetamine to 22 people over the course of 69 transactions. The Court set a start point of two years nine months for the burglary, uplifted by 15 months for the arson. For the drug dealing, the start point was three years, cumulative on the charges for the rest of the offending. With discounts for guilty pleas, the total final sentence was five years three months. Judgment Date: 17 December 2019.