New Zealand Police v Spence 2020 NZDC 6759

Published 27 July 2020

Sentencing — stealing bread — unlawfully on property — failure to comply with Health Act requirements — breach of COVID-19 regulations — global pandemic — coronavirus — Alert Level 4 — breach of community work — Health Act 1956. The defendant appeared for sentence on a charge of stealing a box of bread (worth $64.17), unlawfully being on a property, breach of community work, and failing to comply with Health Act requirements. He was convicted and discharged for stealing the bread but ordered to pay reparations to the restaurant of $64.17. For unlawfully being on a property he was sentenced to two months' imprisonment and ordered to pay reparations of $300 for a lock. For failing to comply with Health Act requirements by being in Queenstown when he should have been following Alert Level 4 requirements to stay home, the defendant was sentenced to one month imprisonment. On the charge of breach of community work a sentence of one month was imposed. The sentences were cumulative (added together) so the end sentence was four months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 22 April 2020.