Ministry for Primary Industries v Taylor [2021] NZDC 2037

Published 16 June 2022

Sentencing — knowingly selling rock lobster — possession of undersized rock lobster — cray pots — Fisheries Act 1996. The defendant appeared for sentence, having pleaded guilty to 15 charges: seven of selling rock lobster otherwise than in accordance with the Fisheries Act, seven of using in excess of the maximum number of cray pots allowed, and one of sale and possession of undersized rock lobster. The offending occurred over an eight-month period and the defendant received $16,300 for the sale. The true value of the rock lobster was around $51,500. The Court set a starting point of two years and eight months' imprisonment. Discounts were given for guilty plea, health condition and remorse, resulting in a sentence of 16 months' imprisonment. The Court converted this to a sentence of eight months' home detention with conditions. On the lesser charges the defendant was convicted and discharged. Judgment Date: 5 February 2021.