R v Sharpe [2020] NZDC 1099

Published 12 June 2020

Sentencing — aggravated robbery — careless use of a firearm — assault with a weapon — possession of cannabis plant material — emotional offending — shotgun — three strike warning — R v Morrison [2016] NZHC 534. The defendant appeared for sentence on charges of aggravated robbery, careless use of a firearm, assault with a weapon and possession of cannabis plant material. He was living in the same house as the victims, who were a new couple. The defendant had just ended a long-term relationship with one of the victims and was depressed and emotional. On the night of the offending, the defendant had attempted to talk to the victims about their relationship but they refused to discuss it with him and went to bed. The defendant then entered their room armed with a shotgun, which the victims confiscated after managing to overpower him. The gun was loaded and had the safety catch off. The Court set a start point for sentence of four years' imprisonment, discounts were applied for the defendant's emotional distress at the time of the offending and his remorse and efforts at rehabilitation. The final sentence was three and a half years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 24 January 2020.