R v Te Teomo [2017] NZDC 3882

Published 12 October 2018

Aggravated robbery — sentencing — R v Mako [2000] 2 NZLR 170 (CA). The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced for his part in an aggravated robbery of a food store that was committed with three co-offenders. Three of the offenders disguised their faces and ran inside a store, the defendant who was armed with a black air pistol, frightened the store owner out of the shop then grabbed the till drawer and placed it for one of the others to uplift. Aggravating features taken into account by the court included the use of weapons, threats of violence, the impact on the victim and the pre-planning involved. Mitigating features included the guilty plea and the defendant's personal circumstances. The defendant was sentenced to four years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 27 February 2017