New Zealand Police v Papani [2017] NZDC 28630

Published 11 October 2018

Unlawfully takes motor vehicle — wilful damage — common assault — resist Police — male assaults female — contravenes protection order — disorderly behaviour — threatens to kill or do grievous bodily harm — possession of cannabis — sentencing. The defendant appeared for sentence in relation to a total of 11 charges. The court noted that "the thread of all the offending [was the defendants] obsessive jealousy directed towards [the victim]". The offending included the defendant ringing the victim 84 times over a period of two days. On one occasion she answered and during the conversation the defendant threatened to physically harm her by running her over with his car. Aggravating features include the sustained campaign of intimidation, a breach of trust and actual violence. The court noted that there was no tariff case for threatening to kill which meant that a Judge must consider not only the aggravating factors but also comparator cases. The defendant was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 14 December 2017