R v Crichton [2017] NZDC 26655

Published 14 June 2018

Sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection — injuring with intent to injure — assault with intent to injure — common assault — sexual offending against a male — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced for assault and sexual violation of the victim. The defendant approached the victim with his associates asking for a cigarette. The victim gave the defendant a cigarette hoping that he would be left alone. The victim was then told by the defendant to follow him. The defendant pulled the victim into a dark area off a car park and pushed him over. The defendant then forced his penis into the victims mouth. When the victim got up and tried to run away the defendant and his associates chased the victim, tackled him to the ground, have beaten the victim and left him there unconscious. from a starting point of eight years' imprisonment, the defendant received a discount for his age, guilty plea and for the references written by members of his community. The defendant was sentenced to four years' imprisonment on the sexual violation charge; with concurrent sentences of two years' imprisonment on the charge of injuring with intent to injure; 18 months' imprisonment on the charge of assault with intent to injure; and six months' imprisonment on the charge of common assault. Judgment Date: 22 November 2017