New Zealand Police v Harding [2017] NZDC 19583

Published 16 April 2018

Obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception — causing loss by deception — failing to attend — sentencing — fraud — deception — R v Varjan CA97/03 — R v Jones [2016] NZHC 1660 — R v Blackmore [2014] NZCA 109 — R v McMahon [2017] NZDC 1517. The defendant was sentenced after entry of late guilty pleas relating to fraud charges. In respect of the first two victims, the defendant had told each of them that he needed to borrow money in order to transfer some inherited property from Dunedin, he then used that money to purchase property for the third victim. In respect of the offending against the third victim, the defendant told her that he was going to use an inheritance to purchase a property and had insisted she sign the sale and purchase agreement. On due date for the deposit, the defendant disappeared and the victim was required to pay $6,000 to exit the agreement. The court noted the vulnerability of each of the elderly victims, the defendant's 44 year history of dishonesty offending and the impact of the offending on the victims. The defendant was given a small credit for his belated guilty pleas and was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 7 August 2017.