Commerce Commission v Zee Shop Limited [2017] NZDC 18181

Published 09 February 2018

Mobile trader industry — Failing to express required information clearly — failing to provide adequate disclosure — sentencing — Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 s 17 & 32. Zee Shop Limited is a retailer which sells through a host of mobile retailers, and while it appeared that they had not charged fees or interest it is clear from the contracts that high unit prices are charged. Over a six month period 2540 contracts were entered into which breached the key information requirement by not stating the number of payments to be made, and information regarding cancellation. Upon a mobile trader report being published in August 2015, Zee Shop's closed and briefed its solicitors to bring the company's standard terms, conditions and disclosure requirements into compliance with the Act. The defendant was fined $100,000 for this offending. Judgment Date: 11 August 2017