R v Mason Rudolph [2016] NZDC 3926

Published 01 August 2016

Sentencing — male assaults female — domestic violence — no tariff — R v Reihana, 3/7/2003, CA143/03. The defendant was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with special release conditions to attend a Stopping Violence programme and, if considered appropriate by a probation officer, counselling for alcohol issues. A protection order was made in favour of the victim. The defendant had pleaded guilty to male assaults female after a serious assault on his ex-partner involving punches to the head. Reihana, where the final sentence was five months’ imprisonment for a less serious assault, was considered as there was no guiding tariff for this kind of offending. The starting point was 12 months’ imprisonment with uplift of three months to reflect previous offending. That total of 15 months’ imprisonment was discounted by 20 percent for a guilty plea and remorse.