R v Ka Shing Kwong [2016] NZDC 3755

Published 31 July 2016

Sentencing — importing a Class B drug — possession of Class B — supplying a Class B drug. The defendant, who was in New Zealand on a three month visitor visa, was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment on six charges of importing, possession and supply of the Class B drug ephedrine. He and a co-offender imported a total of 62.47 kilograms worth approximately $5 million. Principle sentencing factors were denunciation, deterrence and protection of the community. The gravity of the offending was high given the defendant’s active involvement, high level of premeditation and the large commercial quantity of drugs involved. The starting point of nine years’ imprisonment was reduced by 22 months for a guilty plea and a further 14 months’ due to the defendant’s relative youth (20 years of age), remorse and difficulties that being a foreign language speaker would present in prison.