R v Smith [2018] NZDC 20850

Published 19 July 2019

Sentencing — aggravated robbery — possession of methamphetamine — possession of utensils — possession of ammunition — offering a class B drug for supply — supplying class B drug — burglary. The defendant appeared for sentencing on a raft of charges, the most serious of which was aggravated robbery. Armed with a knife, he had robbed a convenience store in the company of others. Later his address was searched, revealing methamphetamine, glass pipes, a round of ammunition and a mobile phone containing messages relating to the supply of a class B controlled drug. He had previously burgled a school. The Court set a starting point of five years on the aggravated robbery charge and applied an uplift of 21 months for numerous other offences. The final sentence was four years three months, and the Court also gave the defendant a first strike warning. Judgment Date: 2 October 2018.