Useful Links

If you are seeking independent legal advice:

If you are seeking information about other courts and their decisions:

  • The District Courts Act 1947 is the statute which sets out many of the powers of New Zealand’s District Courts.
  • Judicial Decisions Online is the official database of senior court decisions that are publicly available.
  • The New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII) is an independent database of judicial decisions and articles from New Zealand courts and tribunals. The 7000 Accident Compensation appeal judgments of the District Court can be found on the NZLII website.
  • The Courts of New Zealand website provides information on the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court (collectively, the higher courts), including information on senior court judges decisions of high public interest.
  • Other courts and tribunals have their own websites, such as: the Environment Court; Disputes Tribunal; Māori Land Court; Employment Relations Authority; Tenancy Tribunal and Employment Court.

If you intend to complain about the conduct of a District Court Judge:

  • Complaints about a judge’s conduct should be made to the Office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner.
    Please note that the Judicial Conduct Commissioner will only consider complaints related to a judge’s conduct. If you are unhappy about the substantive content of a judge’s decision, you may wish to consider your rights of appeal.

If you are interested in seeking judicial appointment:

  • Expressions of interest for appointment as a District Court Judge can be made to Attorney-General’s Judicial Appointments Unit.

If you intend to file District Court proceedings:

  • District Court proceedings are filed in a court registry before they are received by a judge. If you intend to file District Court proceedings, you can contact the relevant registry via the Ministry of Justice.
  • Information about how to file Family Court proceedings can be found at the Ministry of Justice’s family justice website.

If you are seeking information on the family or youth justice systems:

  • The Youth Court has its own website which provides information for children and young people, families and victims. See Further Links below.
  • The Ministry of Justice’s family justice website provides detailed information about New Zealand’s family justice system. See Further Links below.