Judges review their year in work

In 2019, a group of District Court Judges explored different aspects of law, their roles, and the experiences they bring to the bench.

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Montage image of Judge T Gilbert, Judge P Sinclair, Judge E Paul, Judge P Callinicos and Judge B Morris.

How a sentence indication can
offer certainty
The complexities of establishing fitness
to stand trial

Judge Tom Gilbert explains sentence indications.

Small image of Judge Gilbert's face, smiling.  Judge Sinclair

Judge Pippa Sinclair explains fitness to stand trial.

The value of communication
assistants in sexual violence courts

Court tech matters go trans-Tasman

Judge Eddie Paul explains the use of communications assistants.

 Small image of Judge Paul, head and shoulders only.  Judge Peter Callinicos

Judge Peter Callinicos talks about the Technical Committee.

Problem solving court: a community approach that works

Community Magistrates extend across the South Island

Judge Barbara Morris  talks about the Personal Individual Needs Court.

Image of Judge B Morris  

Community Magistrates Sally O'Brien and Simon Heal talk about the growth of their work.