R v Bunn [2017] NZDC 22054

Published 19 December 2017

Indecent act on a young person — sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection — sentencing. The defendant took his granddaughter into a room, removed his clothes and lay down on the bed and placed a number of chocolate peanuts on his body leading to his groin. The defendant required the victim to suck the peanuts from his body and then shook his penis close to the victims mouth. The defendant then placed a trail of peanuts down the victims naked body and performed oral sex on her. Aggravating features include the vulnerability of the victim, breach of trust and a degree of premeditation. The defendant was sentenced to three years and ten months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 28 September 2017 * * * Note: names have been changed to comply with legal requirements. * * *