R v Cunneen [2017] NZDC 19686

Published 14 March 2018

Application for name suppression — application for suppression of occupation — application for suppression of employer — whether interim name suppression should continue — extradition — extreme hardship — application for adjournment — Extradition Act 1999, s 22 (1) (a) — Criminal Procedure Act 2011, s 200 — Robertson v Police [2015] NZCA 7. The defendant was facing extradition to face sexual abuse charges in Australia. The defence filed for extension of the defendant's interim name suppression and adjournment of proceedings for the defendant to attend a medical appointment. The court, with reference to "Robertson" found that the hardship the defendant would suffer if his name was to be published was not as severe as that in Robertson where name suppression was declined. The court declined the application for name suppression and adjournment but granted suppression of details of the defendant's medical condition. Judgment Date: 1 September 2017.