R v Young [2017] NZDC 16889

Published 19 December 2017

Local Government Act offence — Local Government Act 2002, s 239 — owner of cats — nuisance — cat emission — Local Government Act 2002, s 239 — Auckland City Council Animal Management Bylaw 2015. The defendant was found guilty of one charge of contravening s 239 of the Local Government Act 2002 by being the owner of cats which caused a nuisance to her neighbours due to the odours and noises emitted by the cats. The court granted an injunction under s 162 of the Act but tempered the fine and costs sought by the Crown because the defendant will no longer be able to breed them. The defendant was fined $2000, was ordered to pay costs of $1000 and all male cats and kittens were to be removed from the property. Judgment Date: 2 August 2017